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Meet the Staff and Board of Directors of A Greener World South Africa

A Greener World South Africa Staff

Tozie Zokufa, Executive Director, is spearheading A Greener World Africa’s launch in South Africa and expansion to other countries on the continent. Internationally recognized in the field of farm animal welfare and sustainability, he has experience working at the abattoir level for both the public and private sectors and broad experience working with organizations and governments across Africa and Europe. Tozie is chairperson of the Pan African Animal Welfare Alliance (PAAWA), a member of the African Union’s Africa Platform for Animal Welfare and leads the Animal Welfare Portfolio for the South African Veterinary Council.  He lives in Cape Town, South Africa with his family.

A Greener World South Africa Board of Directors

Aimee Franklin
With a post graduate degree in Public Relations Management, Aimee fuses her passion for branding and marketing with a love of activism in her role as the Executive Director of Marketing for a major South African political party. In addition to her political activism work in South Africa spanning over 10 years, Aimee spent 2 and a half years running the largest political network in Africa, the Africa Liberal Network (ALN), which focused on capacitating liberal political parties on the continent with the skills required to effectively contest elections. Her tenure with the ALN exposed her to campaign best practice in a wealth of countries including the UK, Germany, Holland, Tanzania, Botswana and Morocco, all experiences that she hopes to channel into her role on the board of Intlabathi Eluhlaza – A Greener World.

Andrew Gunther
With a background in agriculture and poultry production, Andrew serves as the Executive Director for AGW Global Services, supporting the launch of A Greener World’s labels in regions seeking meaningful food labels. Building on his agricultural experience Andrew subsequently developed supply chains for a large natural foods retailer, supporting farmer cooperatives and producer groups, before coming to A Greener World to utilize those same skills in supporting region-led development of markets for verified, sustainable products. Andrew was a member of the U.S. delegation for development of standards related to ISO/TC 034/WG 16.

Gininda Msiza
With over 23 years experience in the field of Veterinary Science, Dr. Gininda Msiza has worked as a Lecturer and College Veterinarian in Tompi Seleka College of Agriculture in Limpopo, as well as a Lecturer, University Veterinarian, Researcher and Director of Biomedical Research Centre / Animal Unit at the University of Cape Town. He oversees the Programme for Animal Health, Export Control, Veterinary Public Health and Provincial Veterinary Laboratory Services for the Western Cape Provincial government. Dr. Gininda serves in the Elsenburg’s and University of Stellenbosch’s Animal Use and Ethics Committee and is Deputy Board Chair of the Cape of Good Hope Society for Preventing Cruelty to Animals [SPCA].

Justice Lungisile Zotwa
An entrepreneurial business professional and teacher with more than 25 years of uncompromising accomplishment in multiple facets, Justice Lungisile Zotwa has experience in building, marketing and operating a highly sophisticated group of companies. Mr. Zotwa possesses excellent leadership, teaching, planning and strategic skills, with a demonstrable record of providing direction and focus to businesses and teams. Recognised as diligent, hardworking and innovative, he holds the following titles and accreditations: PGDL(USB), ABP(DUT), BTech.(DUT), Dip. Mkt.(SAIM), STD(WSU), MIITPSA, MISACA, MPMI, Grad. IS.

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