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20Oct 20
Eddie's Eggs farm in South Africa

Eddie’s Eggs – Eastern Cape, South Africa

Set in the middle of the beautiful Eastern Cape stretch of the Sundays Rivers Valley, Eddie’s Eggs is located in the largest citrus producing region in the country. Farmer Eddie Ferreira manages a flock of over 5,000 Certified Animal Welfare Approved by A Greener World (AGW), Certified Non-GMO by AGW laying hens and produces Certified Non-GMO by AGW animal feed for sale to the public. The chickens at Eddie’s Eggs are free to range in the organic orchards, which offer…

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31Jul 20
Boschendal – South Africa. farm profile

Boschendal – South Africa

One of the oldest farms in South Africa, founded in 1685, Boschendal farm is set in the Drakenstein Valley surrounded by dramatic mountain landscapes, lush gardens and vines, and the original farmstead complex with a history which dates back more than 300 years. Today, Boschendal is a Cape winelands icon and a cherished wine and food destination. The vineyards and fruit trees have been joined by vegetable gardens and a growing herd of Certified Animal Welfare Approved by A Greener World…

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15Apr 20
COVID-19 will be tough on farms. Here are a few ways you can help. Blog post

COVID-19 will be tough on farms. Here are a few ways you can help.

As COVID-19 deepens its impact, A Greener World is working to protect our staff and communities (see more about our response here), but farmers are going to need support from all of us. Now is the time to be rallying around our independent farmers. Because of this epidemic, they could see orders from restaurants and food vendors be severely restricted or indeed canceled. This is an area that causes us grave concern, as most of our certified farmers supply markets…

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03Apr 20
All Hands On Deck. Blog post

All Hands On Deck

We know that everyone will be impacted by COVID-19. Many will lose their lives; many more will suffer personal and financial hardships. As this unfolds, it is impossible to predict the long-term impacts; only to do the best we can in the moment. At A Greener World our team quickly adjusted to meet present needs: working remotely, not collecting on invoices for farmers, and completely shifting focus to support those in our orbit struggling in this new environment. See full…

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25Mar 20
COVID-19 Collected Resources for Farmers. Blog post

COVID-19 Collected Resources for Farmers

We are compiling a list of resources for farmers who are working through challenges brought about by COVID-19.  This list is a work in progress, so please check back frequently. News and Updates South Africa is food secure and consumers are urged to stop panic buying amid COVID-19 - Agri SA's tips for safe workplaces during COVID-19 - COVID-19: Tough times ahead for SA economy - South African Government Guidance - Food in the time of…

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