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05Jun 19
Glen Oakes Farm – Hemel En Aarde Valley, Western Cape, South Africa. Blog Post

Glen Oakes Farm – Hemel en Aarde Valley, Western Cape, South Africa

Set in the picturesque Hemel en Aarde Valley and surrounded by the beautiful Klein River mountains, fynbos and pasture lands, Glen Oakes Farm is a 300-hectare livestock farm owned by Jules and Charles Crowther, who pride themselves on their Certified Animal Welfare Approved by A Greener World (AGW) pasture-reared pigs. “Our pigs grow up slowly in a low-stress environment,” explains Jules. “This is what makes all the difference to the flavour and quality of our meat.” The Crowthers raise their…

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25Feb 19
Grassfed Lable Comparrison Chart. Blog Post

Grassfed Label Comparison Chart

It’s great to see the increased interest in certifying grassfed claims (after all, how else do you know they’re really true?) but it’s important to know which labels mean what. With all the new kids on the block, how does Certified Grassfed by A Greener World compare? Use this handy comparison chart to see how we stack up globally to other grassfed labels, and help you find products that meet your expectations. Download the Grassfed Comparison Chart here.    

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24Jan 19
Another Silver Bullet Misses The Mark: The EAT-Lancet Report’s Missed Opportunity To Back Real Sustainability. Blog Post

Another Silver Bullet Misses The Mark: The EAT-Lancet Report’s Missed Opportunity to Back Real Sustainability

Reposting courtesy of our colleagues at AGW Global: The recently published EAT-Lancet Commission report, housed on the world-renowned Lancet site, proposes scientific targets for healthy diets and food production to ensure human health and environmental sustainability in the years to come. This ambitious report comes at a time when many are seeking answers as to how we’ll combat climate change, and the authors claim that meeting these targets will achieve the Paris Agreement objectives and the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals. But…

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08Aug 18
Welcome To A Greener World! Blog Post

Welcome to A Greener World!

A Greener World was established as a beacon of positive change, to help people make the right food choices for the issues that matter to them. Find out what makes us stand out from the crowd!
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05Oct 17
Grassfed’s Role In A Greener World: AGW’s Response To The University Of Oxford Study, Grazed And Confused? Blog Post

Grassfed’s Role In A Greener World: AGW’s Response to the University of Oxford study, Grazed and Confused?

Grazed and Confused?—the new report from the University of Oxford’s Food Climate Research Network—represents an important step forward in advancing our scientific knowledge on how we might feed ourselves sustainably. Written by a number of eminent scientists involved in exploring sustainable food production, the report seeks to address a specific—but vital—question in the sustainable food debate: What is the role of grazing ruminants in contributing to or mitigating climate change? It is therefore extremely disappointing to see this important report…

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