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Certified Organic by AGW

Certified Organic With Meaningful Welfare Standards

Certified Organic by AGW helps consumers support high-welfare, environmentally sustainable and organic food production.

Available to farmers and food producers, the Certified Organic by AGW label guarantees food products are produced and audited to AGW’s own private standard which is based on the European Union’s Organic standard, offering adherence to a globally meaningful standard. Certified Organic by AGW also incorporates Certified Animal Welfare Approved by AGW, ensuring that Certified Organic by AGW meat, dairy and eggs come from animals raised according the highest welfare standards in the industry.

“We are incredibly excited about the opportunities for validating sustainable production across South Africa. This programme is designed to empower producers to demonstrate their positive farming practices and capture a meaningful share of a market currently dominated by producers overseas. Through our graduated training and implementation programme we will build important skills in the region and create jobs which were previously outsourced. This initiative has tremendous potential to strengthen the market for independent, sustainable producers, and we are proud to lead it.”

— Tozie Zokufa

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