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Thank You!


Hi {customer_name},

Thank you for playing a vital role in the movement to fight the climate crisis and build a greener world. The challenge is urgent, and we don’t have time to wait for policy solutions. Your support of A Greener World allows us to:

  • Make healthy, sustainable meat, eggs and dairy accessible to all
  • Improve the lives of millions of farm animals to live free of cages, crates or feedlots
  • Educate people on how to fight the climate crisis through greener choices
  • Audit independent farms make sure our high standards for animal welfare are met
  • Ensure farmers have the technical and marketing support they need

Our records show that you generously gave a total of R{paid_amount_curr} to A Greener World on {purchase_date}. For tax purposes, it is important for us to state here that you did not receive any goods or services in return for your contributions other than the joy of making the world greener. Please advise if you need a 18A tax certificate.

We believe that expanding support of our work will create real, positive change as more and more people understand the importance of where their food comes from. We are so grateful for you and the role that you play in this change.

With warmest thanks for all that you do to build a greener world,

Emily Moose
Executive Director

You will receive an receipt email at {payer_email}


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