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Sustainable Farming Magazine

Published three times a year, A Greener World’s A Greener World’s Sustainable Farming magazine is the world’s leading magazine for sustainable livestock production.

Each issue covers a wide range of topics including technical advice, animal husbandry and market developments, as well as thought-provoking articles and opinions.

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Sustainable Farming magazine incorporates the former AWA Newsletter.



Summer 2022 (Volume 7, Issue 1)

News: The Enemy At The Gate? Why Biosecurity Matters; Labeling Lab-Grown Meat; Challenging Food Choices; Go Certified Regenerative by AGW

Opinion: A Heavy Toll

Cover feature: The Enemy At The Gate? Why Biosecurity Matters

Certification News: Go Certified Regenerative by AGW

Technical: From Lab To Label

Technical: Just What Are We Eating?

Technical: Factory To Farm

Technical: Light And Shade

Certification News: Castrating Breeding Males

Meet the Farmer: Master Blend Family Farms in Kenansville, NC



Previous Issues

Fall 2021 (Volume 6, Issue 2)

News: Egg Plant – A Rare Breed Success Story; Biosecurity, Africa Organic; Regenerative Plan

Opinion: A Silver Lining

Cover feature: Back To The Future

Certification News: Communicating Changes

Technical: Regenerative Planning

Technical: Proof Of Purchase

Technical: Silent Killer

Technical: Proof Of Purchase

Certification News: Breaking News . . .

Meet the Farmer: Canyon of the Ancients Guest Ranch in Cortex, CO



Winter 2021 (Volume 6, Issue 1)

News: Egg Plant – The basics of keeping laying hens; AGW in India; Snakes on Farms; Vaccinations – A vital tool

Opinion: At The Crossroads

Cover feature: Laying Hens 101

Certification News: AGW India

Technical: Staying Safe

Technical: Snakes In The Grass

Certification News: A New Year

Meet the Farmer: Bison Du Nord in Ontario, Canada


Summer 2020 (Volume 5, Issue 2)

News: COVID-19: Fight Or Flight; Cattle: Stay In Control; Regenerative Standards

Opinion: Britain At Breaking Point?

Cover feature: COVID-19 Fight Or Flight

Cover feature: New Standard (Certified Regenerative by AGW)

Technical: A Brave New World

Technical: In Control Of Our Impulses

Technical: New Approaches To Worming

Technical: The Immune System

Technical: Chicken On Grass

Certification News: Desktop Audits


Winter/Spring 2020 (Volume 5 Issue 1)

News: Walk This Way; Non-GMO Opportunities; Understanding Your Birds; Regenerative: What Next?

Opinion: Regenerative Farming- The Next Big Con?

Cover feature: Getting A Handle On The Herd

Technical: Going Non-GMO

Technical: Eat Play Shove

Technical: Bovine Bloat

Technical: Removing Livestock

Meet the Farmer: Archway Farm in Keene, NH


Fall 2019 (Volume 4 Issue 4)

News: Pig Out – Feeding For Health and Welfare

Opinion: Farmers United

Cover feature: Feeding Pigs

Technical: Housing Benefits

Technical: Working With Your Vet

Technical: Kid You Not

Technical: Grassfed Challenges

Meet the Farmer: TLC Grassfed Beef in Enid, OK

Summer 2019 (Volume 4 Issue 3)

News: A Bug’s Life – Parasites Under The Microscope; Managing Bison; Love Your Label; Methane Research

Opinion: A Change of Heart

Cover feature: A Bug’s Life – Parasites Under The Microscope

Technical: Mythane

Technical: Nature’s Efficiency

Technical: A Pesky Problem

Technical: Green Diets

Meet the Farmer: Sylvan Farm in Saluda, SC


Spring 2019 (Volume 4 Issue 2)

News: Fake Moos!; Eat-Lancet Exposed; Biodiversity Survey; Mind, Body and Welfare

Opinion: A Dangerous Diet?

Cover feature: A Convenient Untruth

Technical: Climate Politics and Vegan Wars

Technical: Great Food Transition or Great Mistake?

Technical: Mind Over Matter

Technical: Pecking Order

Meet the Farmer: Gothberg Farms LLC in Bow, WA


Winter 2019 (Volume 4 Issue 1)

News: Cry Fowl; A perspective on pain in animals; Assessing welfare lameness in cattle; AGW in South Africa

Opinion: Perfect Timing

Cover feature: Cry Fowl

Technical: Pain Management

Technical: Assessing Welfare: A New Approach

Technical: Best Hoof Forward

Technical: The Good Shepherd

Meet the Farmer: Blue Pepper Farm in Jay, NY

Fall 2018 (Volume 3 Issue 3)

News: Agroforestry in Action; Castrating Cattle; Launching AGW Europe; Collaborative Marketing

Opinion: Farming Across the Pond

Cover feature: Trees Company Agroforestry in Action

Technical: Castrating Cattle

Technical: The Bigger Picture

Technical: Thinking Pig

Technical: Supply and Demand

Meet the Farmer: M&M Farms in Rudy, Arkansas

Spring/Summer 2018 (Volume 3 Issue 2)

News: We’re Celebrating 10 Years; “Highest Impact” Logo; Getting Social; Alternative Therapies

Opinion: Realistic Solutions

Cover feature: We’re Celebrating 10 Years

Technical: Get Social

Technical: More Health, Less Disease

Technical: A Record for Success

Technical: No Kidding

Meet the Farmer: Fouch Farms in Mariposa, CA

Winter 2018 (Volume 3 Issue 1)

News: ‘Fake News’ Clouds Sustainable Debate; World Cheese Award; New QR Packing Codes

Opinion: Antibiotic-Free Labeling

Cover feature: A Bitter Harvest The Workers Sidelined by Sustainability

Technical: Fit or Fat? Body Condition Scoring

Technical: The Power of Point of Sale

Technical: Johne’s Disease Wipe Off The Map

Technical: A Welcome Boost

Meet the Farmer: Ferme au bonheur des prés in Québec, Canada

Fall 2017 (Volume 2 Issue 3)

News: Grassfed beef report to chew over, Top cheese awards, Antibiotic alternatives, New AGW member program

Opinion: Farm marketing sin

Cover feature: The world under our feet – Simple steps for managing soil

Technical: The living soil

Technical: Farming carbon

Technical: The beating heart of sustainable farming

Technical: Love litter

Certification News: No small change

Meet the Farmer: Shepherd’s Cross Inc. in Claremore, OK

Summer 2017 (Volume 2 Issue 2)

News: Taxing Meat, New AGW Merchandise, Standards Review

Opinion: You’ve earned it . . . Use it!

Cover feature: Wrong Target – Why a broad meat tax misses the point.

Discussion: Farming can be dangerous work

Technical: Slaughter plants needed

Technical: Pigs in space

Meet the Farmer: Windy N Ranch in Ellensburg, WA

Spring 2017 (Volume 2 Issue 1)

News: New AWA logo; AWA Wins Institution of the Year; New Farm Certification Guide…

Opinion: Beware Greenwashing, warns Urvashi Rangan

Cover feature: Pig Breeding: Do you know what you’re buying?

Discussion: Beef production: The Bigger Picture

Technical: Lameness In Sheep

Technical: Managing Parasites

Meet the Farmer: Working Cows Dairy in Slocomb, Alabama

Fall 2016 (Volume 1 Issue 2)

News: New grassfed dairy label; National cheese award winners; Consumer welfare concerns, confusion

Opinion: The resurgence of family farms?

Discussion: Agricultural apprenticeships: what’s involved for a host farm or ranch?

Technical: Best practice advice on food safety for farmers’ market stalls

Technical: Planning for a food recall

Technical: External parasites in cattle—prevention and control

Meet the Farmer: The Glos family in New York

… and more!

Summer 2016 (Volume 1 Issue 1)

News: Certified Non-GMO by AGW; New Farm Health Online website; TK Ranch award

Opinion: Grazing ruminants will play a vital role in feeding the world

Discussion: Could quality mutton production represent a new opportunity?

Technical: A new approach to antibiotic treatment for mastitis

Technical: Preventing heat stress in pigs

Technical: What are the benefits of Farm Health Plans?

Meet the Farmer: The Lohofs in Montana

… and more!

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