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We certainly respect everyone’s decision to choose a diet that best fits their values. We recognize some people do not believe animals should be farmed at all. The majority of the world’s population today, however, values the role of animal agriculture and wants to see high animal welfare standards upheld. A Greener World exists to ensure people can find products that match their values. We don’t hide anything—all of our standards, policies and procedures are publicly available.

As a nonprofit supporting transparency, we seek to be a space for cordial discourse and celebration of the best in agriculture. If you are truly interested in solutions-based dialogue we’re happy to have it. Otherwise, while we recognize that it can be frustrating when your beliefs are not reflected in others, it may be best to agree to disagree.

Please note: A Greener World’s social media pages and websites are dedicated to celebrating high-welfare, sustainable, pasture-based farming. While we promote respectful, solutions-based dialogue, social media comments which are broadly anti-animal agriculture will be deleted. In order to protect the integrity of our content we do not permit derogatory comments, unsolicited petition announcements, advertisements, or fundraising appeals, and such posts will be deleted. Users not following these community guidelines may be restricted or blocked.

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